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Capitalism unfairly favors the rich

1% of the world population own 40 % of the global assets. The richest 2 % of the world population own more than 51 % of the global assets, the richest 10 % own 85 % of the global assets.

Artwork/Logotype for Revista Ideei (The Journal of the Idea), 1900-1915.

Revista Ideei (The Journal of the Idea), 1900-1915

REVOLUTIONART International Magazine

REVOLUTIONART International Magazine is a publication delivered in pdf format as a collective sample of the best of graphic arts, videos, music, modeling, and world trends.

It’s a revolutionary platform, a massive propaganda to communicate global messages and make people think. REVOLUTIONART delivers pure talent to more than 70,000 subscribers and readers per edition around the world.

The objective of REVOLUTIONART is to serve as a inspirational source to artists, models, advertisers, photographers, designers and communicators in general who wish to explore new alternatives of expression through graphical samples of design, photo, illustration, ads, fashion, music, and general visual arts.

After more than twenty numbers, REVOLUTIONART has become one of the most respected publications in the world. International talents like Floria Sigismondi, Andzej Dragan, Simone Legno, Adhemas Batista, Lemmy Kilmister, Jeremyville, and many more has become part of past editions.

And you can be part of REVOLUTIONART too. Because this is the first international magazine made by the people and for the people. We’re against the artistic fascism. We are wide open minded people who has no fear to talk about sex, politics, religion, ecology, love, nature, and any other global issues.

REVOLUTIONART is free and a new edition is available every two months through 

Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative Designs

Anarcho-syndicalism is by the working class for theworking class

Inspired by *kevis

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Panait Istrati Artwork

And while I am watching, out here on the confines of bourgeois Europe, the spectacle of workers who are fleeing workers’ Russia, and who are machine-gunned down, followed all the way in front of the Romanian border patrols, finished on the spot and sometimes recaptured by GPU “proletarians” and forcedly brought back to the “worker’s motherland”, while I am watching, I say, this system of “organizing” the new world, allow me to love and hate people in a way that is different from yours.
Also, allow me to linger in my “personal resentments” and continue to “narrate” them to the world, fighting alone, under the standard of “the man who will adhere to nothing”. These are, you say, “old trifles (for they are old, old!)” you add in brackets.
Yes, “old, old…” and forever true! Unfortunately. (in L’homme qui n’adhère à rien)

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